Will I be able to help you?

Quito Hertz


I wish that this page could give you some easy options to click on to achieve a simple solution. Unfortunately counselling doesn’t work that way. 

I can tell you that therapy helped me when I was going through a difficult time; it has helped some people close to me, and I know that I have helped a wide variety of 

people through troubling times in their lives. 

Two other things that I feel are worth saying. 

First. I don’t think that a web page is a good place to try to explain the specifics of how counselling works. That’s because the counselling I offer rests less on theory than on the human interaction which unfolds and evolves in the therapy room. You are unique and different from anyone else and my expounding on an approach runs the risk of being not relevant to you, or worse, putting you off completely. 

Second – another guess but, I think a safe one – you might be uncomfortable or worried about being able to express your thoughts and feelings to a stranger. I can tell you that I felt the same way, but the open, straightforward and non-judgmental approach of my own therapist helped me through that difficult first stage. It is my aim to do the same for my clients. So rather than fill this site with a lot of general information, I simply encourage you to take the difficult first step and bring whatever is on your mind to me for an introductory meeting which will help you decide whether you want to go further. 

In the meantime, I’ve provided some useful links to sites which provide authoritative and objective information on certain relevant subjects. 

And whatever you decide, I wish you well.


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quito hertz
MBACP reg accredited Counsellor/Mindfulness Practitioner/Teacher
Practices in Makati and Sta. Rosa, Laguna